#eye #eye


A few bits and bobs from the smaller projects I have did in my second year. 

︎︎︎a short video using observational drawings from sitting in a spot for 5 hours︎︎︎
︎︎︎ CLICK ME ︎︎︎

︎︎︎a manifesto setting out my plans and goals for the rest of the year︎︎︎

︎︎︎infographics depicting gender inequality within the workplace︎︎︎

︎︎︎a series of images depicting a journey (a light being turned on)︎︎︎

︎︎︎a response to an object (the book of origin)︎︎︎

︎︎︎short film in response to the shipping forcast (click me)︎︎︎

︎︎︎response to a random act of kindness︎︎︎